Sunday, September 28, 2008

Outside "Outsiders NY"

After spending a few hours Friday afternoon at Hamilton Fish doing some promotion for Clark's VOTE exhibit, I decided to walk up Houston Street to see the David Choe piece that I'd heard so much about. 'noticed lots more street art than usual on the way. Then when I reached the Bowery, I realized something was happening. 'was the opening day of "Outsiders" -- an exhibit of some of London's best street artists -- housed for about two weeks in a former restaurant on the Bowery. 'glad I got to see it -- two floors of exciting works. When I left, I noticed Clayton Patterson outside, mourning the demise/gentrification of the Bowery.

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Anonymous said...

I met up with Clayton right after our meeting. He was telling me about his plan to leave $1 bills with the word "worthless" written on them around the gallery.